Tabel bases in colour

At Sturdy Legs, we specialize in creating sturdy tables with craftsmanship that combines the finest wood, with the authentic power of steel.¬†Our designs are rooted in strength and durability, yet we never shy away from incorporating elements that bring a sense of freshness and colour to any space. Today we’re delving into a vibrant trend: industrial tables with colorful table bases.

Light colors for a fresh and energetic ambience
Incorporating light colors into any space can instantly give it a fresh and energetic vibe. Take, for example, our tables featuring an oak wood top paired with white steel legs. This combination is visually striking and harmonious, bringing a sense of brightness and openness to the room.

Industrual elegance
Since 2012, we have been designing and creating unique industrial furniture with passion, with an eye for detail and quality. The combination of our sturdy, industrial tables with customizable table base colours offers you an abundance of options to create a space with industrial elegance.

Height adjustable
Did you know that most Sturdy-Legs tables are height adjustable? With the ability to adjust the table’s height, our furniture offers flexibility. You can transform your table from a standard dining setting to a standing work desk or even a trendy bar table. This versatility makes our tables a perfect fit for any space and any need, whether you’re enjoying a meal, working on your next big project, or hosting friends.

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